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Exam Aid Sessions


Designed by students, for students and taught by A+ Instructors
to help you boost your marks.

Enter your next exam with confidence! Over 100,000 students have been supported by Exam Aid Sessions and 96% would recommend a session to a friend!

Outreach Trips


This is an immersive experience which will make you think twice about the world and your role in it.

Outreach Trips last 2 weeks and enable reciprocal exchange between student participants and host communities, rooted in principles of social responsibility, local ownership, and participatory development.

Supporting a Great Cause.

We’re a registered charity. Since 2004 we’ve been working to support the universal right to education.

At Exam Aid sessions we collect donations, and thanks to our volunteers 100% of what's collected goes directly to our charitable mandate. By attending a session you’re not just helping your own marks, you’re helping to create a world where everyone has a fair chance to learn.

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